Custom Kakes

If you can dream it, we can kake it!

We are excited to help you create a Custom Kake that totally fits your vibe and theme.  We love to push our creativity to the next level when coming up with new, over-the-top the top designs. Our most memorable Kakes include look-a-like cars, haunted houses and even a Birkin bag out of swaddle blankets and diapers! To get some inspiration, check out our Cheeky gallery. 

Our Custom Kakes start at $400-$600 & UP.  Prices go up based on ingredients used and complexity of design. Please give us at least three weeks' notice for a custom order, as it’s best to get on our books early. We are able to put you on the books even if you have not solidified your design ideas or theme. 

Live local? We offer customization consultations. Come in with your friends and family and help us plan your kake, handpick your ingredients down to the last detail. We can make it even more Cheeky with snacks, drinks and music! It’s a fun vibe.

We can’t wait to create your one-of-a-kind Cheeky Kake. Our Kakes are guaranteed to create a memorable moment for the gift giver and receiver because gifting a Cheeky Kake is just as fun as receiving it!

Contact for pricing and scheduling.