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We elevate the essentials with our diaper cakes, made with products all new parents need. 

Our attention to detail, on-trend style and unique presentation make this the perfect gift for a new baby. 

Life can get boring, but your gifts don’t have to be.

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Celebrating life through gifting.

Pull apart your piece of art to reveal diapers, blankets, stuffed animals, bibs socks and more!

Baby gifting is fast, easy and fun with Cheeky Kakes. Enjoy the speed and convenience of a registry with unique and personalized gifts.

Custom Kakes


Let us help you create the kake of your dreams to match your shower, nursery or event. 

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Our Cheeky Story

Turning you into a badass gifter one kake at a time. 
Forget the boring registry, come get Cheeky with us! 

About Us

We use Pampers Swaddlers Diapers in all our kakes. These diapers are extra soft for your little one’s sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic, Parabens & Latex free, they are sure to prevent leaks and keep your baby oh-so-comfy!

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